My Story

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my personal Scentsy website. I became a Scentsy Independent Consultant in early 2016. After being introduced to this AWESOME line of products, I was hooked. 

Previously, I was a scented candle addict but the smoke and soot always bothered my allergies a bit. I dealt with it because I like to smell something nice (instead of my three dogs) when I walk through my house. No more candles for me! I am now a 100% Scentsy convert. (Is that a thing?! I think it is!) 

A little about me... I work full-time in the public relations, marketing, social media world. I frequently attend and speak at regional industry events, and mentor PR students. I live near Clearwater Lake in the southeast Missouri Ozarks with my husband and enjoy taking our boat out on the lake whenever possible.  

Have questions? Just email me! Or you can connect with me on Facebook at 


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